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How to Keep Receiving Your Newsletters from Zondervan Academic (Subscriber, Please Read)

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APRIL 7, 2017: If you subscribe to one of Zondervan Academic’s email newsletters, you may receive an unusual email from us soon. It requests that you click a link within your email "to keep receiving" your newsletter.


[caption id="attachment_14434" align="alignright" width="300"]Email Screengrab Your email from us will look something like this.[/caption]

This is a legitimate email from Zondervan Academic. Clicking the email link (or more simply, re-subscribing to the Academc Update now) are the only ways to ensure you will continue to receive email updates from us.


What will happen if you click on the email link?
Two things:

  1. You will get access to something free. (A free PDF download or online course, depending on which newsletter you’re receiving.)
  2. You will continue to receive email newsletters from us for as long as you wish. You can still unsubscribe at any time.


Why is Zondervan Academic asking you to click a link?
Here’s the short answer: We’re preparing for new email marketing legislation that’s taking effect. The legislation is called CASL, and it requires that we re-opt-in some of our subscribers. If you’re interested, you can learn more about CASL here and here. But that’s not really necessary...


All you need to do is *click the link* in the email we sent you, or subscribe to the Academic Update. Under CASL law, these actions are like raising your hand to say, “Yes, I still want to receive my newsletter!”


When should you expect to receive this email from Zondervan Academic, telling you to “click a link”?
In April or May of 2017.


What if you don’t receive an email like this?
In that case, we may already have all the opt-in information we need from you. But just to be safe, it’s best to re-subscribe to the Zondervan Academic Update here. As a thank you, you’ll instantly get a preview collection of the new Five Solas Series, introducing you to what the Reformers taught and why it still matters.


Which newsletters from Zondervan Academic are being affected?

  1. The Academic Update. Get updates on thoughtful new books and academic works, eBook and Bible software sales, and curated articles from trusted scholars. Sends about 1-2 times per month. Sign up for the Academic Update.
  2. BibleWise Bible Reference. Deals on Bible software from Logos, Olive Tree, Accordance, and WORDsearch. Sends about 1-2 times per month. Sign up for BibleWise.
  3. Online Courses Newsletter. Learn about new online courses taught by trusted scholars. You'll also receive exclusive deals and even some free courses. Sends about once per week. Sign up for the Online Courses newsletter.
  4. Ministry Leader. If you're a leader in ministryor just want to enhance your ministry skillssign up for these updates on new books for you, your team, and your church. Sends about once per month. Sign up for the Ministry Leader newsletter.
  5. Zondervan Academic Blog. Get commentary from biblical language experts, fresh explorations in theology, hand-picked book excerpts, and info on limited-time sales. We post about 4-5 times per week. Sign up for the blog.


Do you need to click a link for every different newsletter you’re receiving?
No, you only need to click the link within one of the emails. That will secure your subscription for all the newsletters you receive from Zondervan Academic.


If you’re an instructor, what about the exam copy emails you receive from Josh Kessler?
To be safe, we highly recommend you subscribe to the Zondervan Academic Update here. You can unsubscribe from it any time.


What’s the bottom line here?


Thank you for being our reader!

-The Zondervan Academic Team

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