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Keeping Up with the Robinsons

Adrian Plass
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It's two books in one - Stress Family Robinson 1 and Stress Family Robinson 2 - from bestselling author Adrian Plass. Meet the Robinsons … a typical, happy, trouble-free Christian family. Or are they? Kathy Robinson wants to be a good mother … but her volcanic mood swings keep the household in a constant state of uproar. Her practical husband, Mike, is convinced his tedious charts will bring order to their household. Sons Jack and Mark have quit going to church and can’t seem to stop fighting with each other. Younger sister Felicity is the ray of sunshine in the bunch, and she just enjoys being loved. Family friend “Dip,” a single older woman, provides a listening ear, but she has troubles of her own. In the midst of dealing with the challenges of parenting, middle age and singleness, the Robinsons and their friend Dip discover they may have more to be grateful for and to celebrate than they realized. It’s a chaotic diet of stress and joy, salted with plenty of humour. Come meet the Robinsons and see what authentic Christian family life might really look like.

About the Author

Adrian Plass is one of today's most significant and successful Christian authors, and he has written over thirty books, including his latest, Looking Good Being Bad - the Subtle Art of Churchmanship. Known for his ability to evoke both tears and laughter for a purpose, Plass has been reaching the hearts of thousands for over fifteen years. He lives in Sussex, England with his wife, Bridget, and continues to be a cricket fanatic
  • Product Details
  • Page Count: 352
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310252269
  • Release: May 30, 2010