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Justification: Two-Volume Set
Michael Horton
The doctrine of justification stan...
Not Available
Frank S. Thielman
This series is designed for those w...
Not Available
Creation Care
Douglas J. Moo
At the heart of Christian theology ...
Not Available
The God Who Gives
Kelly M. Kapic
The God Who Gives is a work of rare...
Not Available
No God but One: Allah or Jesus?
Nabeel Qureshi
There is no one I'd rather read on ...
Not Available
Arabic Christian Theology
Andrea Zaki Stephanous
Theology is not done in a vacuum. O...
Not Available
1, 2, and 3 John
Constantine R. Campbell
Pastors and lay people will welcome...
Not Available

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Evangelical Theology
Michael F. Bird
It is rare for a biblical scholar t...
Not Available
1 and 2 Thessalonians
Nijay K. Gupta
Nijay Gupta’s volume on 1 and 2 The...
Not Available
Evangelism in a Skeptical World
Sam Chan
“This practical guide not only prov...
Not Available
What Christians Ought to Believe
Michael F. Bird
The Apostles’ Creed is chiseled in ...
Not Available
Saving Truth
Abdu Murray
A onetime lawyer with a love for la...
Not Available
A Visual Theology Guide to the Bibl...
Tim Challies
Tim Challies (the writer) and Josh ...
Not Available
Counseling Techniques
John C. Thomas
All practitioners are better with s...
Not Available
Zondervan Essential Companion to Ch...
Stephen Backhouse
The Zondervan Essential Companion t...
Not Available

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America's Religious History Video L...
Thomas S. Kidd
In the post-9/11 world, it is not d...
Not Available
Encountering the Holy Land
Carl G. Rasmussen
Encountering the Holy Land: A Video...
Not Available
How to Read the Bible for All Its W...
Gordon D. Fee
Understanding the Bible isn't for t...
Not Available
Daniel, A Video Study
Wendy L. Widder
Daniel, A Video Study, together wit...
Not Available

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Learning tracks give you access to a curated collection of seminary-level online courses. Each track is designed to give you competency in an area of study.

Learn the Bible Track (24 courses)
24 seminary-level online courses....
$1699.99 $2879.76
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Learn Theology Track (7 courses)
7 seminary-level online courses...
$629.95 $839.93
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Learn the Biblical Languages Track
Learn Greek and Hebrew...
$599.99 $999.95
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Save 30% on Select Online Courses

Online courses are equivalent to 3-credit seminary-level courses, and include video lectures, the digital textbook, review exercises, and assessment on an easy-to-use learning platform.

Basics of Biblical Greek
William D. Mounce
Read the Bible in Greek...
$251.99 $359.99
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Systematic Theology
Wayne Grudem
An introduction to theology....
$150.49 $214.99
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Know the Heretics
Justin S. Holcomb
A history of heresy....
$83.99 $119.99
Learn More
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