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March 23, 2018 | ZA Blog
Who Wrote the Gospel of John?
The Gospel of John provides no explicit internal evidence concerning its author. John, the disciple, is nowhere identified by name. But the...
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March 22, 2018 | ZA Blog
Who Was John the Baptist?
The New Testament places a very high estimate on John the Baptist and his ministry. John was the greatest figure yet produced under the old...
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February 1, 2018 | ZA Blog
The Basics of Hebrew Numbers
If you’re studying the biblical languages, you’ve probably noticed that numbers are handled very differently in ancient Hebrew than they are...
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January 23, 2018 | Jeremy Bouma
How Does Archaeology Contribute to Biblical Studies?
Whether for personal or professional study, inevitably you will come across something in the Bible that relates to its ancient persons, plac...
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January 12, 2018 | ZA Blog
When Was Acts Written?
This post is adapted from Darrell Bock's Theology of Luke and Acts online course. To determine when Acts was written, we need to evaluate t...
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December 15, 2017 | Fred Sanders
Is the “Trinity” in the Bible?
In recent years, we’ve seen a resurgence of arguments against Christian theology using the doctrine of the Trinity as a proof. Critics arg...
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November 30, 2017 | ZA Blog
Who Were the Minor Prophets?
The Minor Prophets is a collection of twelve Old Testament books, known simply as “the Twelve” or “the Book of the Twelve” in the Hebrew Bib...
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September 22, 2017 | ZA Blog
What Are the Gospels, and Why Are There Four of Them?
When people talk about “the gospel,” there’s only one thing they mean: the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John ...
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September 20, 2017 | ZA Blog
Who Wrote the Gospels, and How Do We Know for Sure?
The Bible gives us four accounts of Christ’s life. Each records a unique perspective of the most significant event in history—the crucifixio...
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September 19, 2017 | ZA Blog
Bible Contradictions Explained: 4 Reasons the Gospels “Disagree”
The story of Jesus stands or falls on the trustworthiness of the Gospels. That’s why skeptics pay so much attention to the Gospels’ apparent...
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September 18, 2017 | ZA Blog
What Are the Synoptic Gospels, and Where Do They Come From?
The Bible’s four gospels paint four portraits of Jesus. While each gospel follows him on the same journey, they recount it a little differen...
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September 6, 2017 | ZA Blog
Who wrote the book of James?
According to James 1:1, the letter is written by James himself. He was the son of Joseph, a construction worker who originally lived in Naza...
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September 5, 2017 | ZA Blog
What James means by “Faith without works is dead”
This post is adapted from material found in A Theology of Peter, James, and Jude, an online course taught by Peter H. Davids. Sign up for th...
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July 28, 2017 | Thomas Schreiner
Who Were the Galatians?
If someone was to ask you who Paul wrote his epistle to the Galatians to, how would you respond? If you’re like most people, you’d probabl...
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July 6, 2017 | ZA Blog
What the Bible Says About Predestination
In any conversation about predestination, election, and God’s will in the act of salvation, two verses from Romans 8 are usually cited: For...
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April 17, 2017 | ZA Blog
Who Wrote the Book of Hebrews?
When you consider the wide agreement among biblical scholars about who wrote every other book of the New Testament, it’s a little mysterious...
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