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August 1, 2018 | ZA Blog
10 Ways the Bible Uses Apologetics
Apologetics is how we logically and philosophically justify our beliefs in the Bible and Jesus. These arguments draw from a wide range of fi...
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July 31, 2018 | ZA Blog
What Is Presuppositional Apologetics?
Presuppositional apologetics is one of the four main approaches to apologetics, along with classical, evidential, and experiential or narrat...
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May 11, 2018 | Jeremy Bouma
9 Ways Suicide Affects Others
Memoir is, by nature, truth-telling. In his new moving memoir Even in Our Darkness, Jack Deer tells the truth about one of the most painful ...
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April 6, 2018 | Jeremy Bouma
12 Ways Evangelism Is Changing
You've heard it said the twenty-first century is markedly different from the twentieth. It's not only because we have terrorism scares, self...
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March 30, 2018 | Jeremy Bouma
10 Reasons Why People Reject the Gospel
 If the gospel is the “good news about Jesus,” then why do so many people reject it? If Christians bear this “good news,” how can they ...
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March 22, 2018 | Jeremy Bouma
What Is Evangelism?
Most Christians know that they should be engaging in the work of evangelism, but few know what evangelism is. For example, is the stay-...
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March 13, 2018 | Jeremy Bouma
The Truth About God's Love
Telling the truth is the essence of memoir. Jack Deere tells the truth about his own life in order to share with us the truth about life in ...
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March 8, 2018 | ZA Blog
SIL International and Zondervan Academic Working Together to Aid Global Bible Translation Efforts
Zondervan Academic providing dozens of academic resources, including online courses, to support efficient and accurate Bible translation wor...
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March 6, 2018 | Jeremy Bouma
The Truth About Shame and Grace
Memoir is truth-telling. About one’s own life, yes, but also life. As Elie Wiesel said, “with memoir you must be honest, you must be truthfu...
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February 27, 2018 | Jeremy Bouma
The Truth About Suffering
“I will say, with memoir,” Elie Wiesel is quoted as saying, “you must be honest, you must be truthful.” Jack Deere tells the truth in his ne...
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February 20, 2018 | Jeremy Bouma
What Can Churches Do to Help with Mental Health Conditions?
ADHD and autism, depression and anxiety, mood disorders and other common mental health conditions are all part of people's lives this side o...
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January 30, 2018 | Jeremy Bouma
How Much Exegetical Material Should You Share in Your Sermon?
The science of solid biblical interpretation is essential to effective preaching. Yet it must be paired with the art of contemporary communi...
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October 17, 2017 | Jeremy Bouma
How to Make the Benefits of Family Life Accessible to LGBT People
“In the day-to-day details of navigating Christian obedience with a gay orientation,” observes Nate Collins in his new book All But Invisibl...
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September 30, 2017 | ZA Blog
Biblical Counseling vs. Christian Counseling: What’s the Difference?
This post is adapted from Heath Lambert's Theology of Biblical Counseling online course. There are some Christians who disagree that the Bi...
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September 19, 2017 | Jeremy Bouma
“Who Am I?" Personal Identity in an Age of Identity Angst
After certain events changed Brian Rosner’s life dramatically, he had lost his sense of self and was forced to revisit the most personal of ...
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September 12, 2017 | Jeremy Bouma
4 Reasons Why Faith vs. Science Is a Myth
“Tonight we will be talking about faith versus science. Our first guest is a former University of Oxford professor, evolutionary biologist, ...
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