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Frank S. Thielman Clinton E. Arnold

Psalms, Volume 2

W. Dennis Tucker, Jr. Jamie A. Grant

Basics of Greek Accents

Eight Lessons with Exercises John A. L. Lee

Introducing Jesus

A Short Guide to the Gospels' History and Message Mark L. Strauss

Christ from Beginning to End

How the Full Story of Scripture Reveals the Full Glory of Christ Trent W. Hunter Stephen Wellum


A Discourse Analysis of the Hebrew Bible Daniel Timmer Daniel I. Block


A Discourse Analysis of the Hebrew Bible Joel Barker Daniel I. Block

1 Corinthians

Paul D. Gardner Clinton E. Arnold

ReSourcing Theological Anthropology

A Constructive Account of Humanity in the Light of Christ Marc Cortez

Greek and Hebrew for the Rest of Us Pack

The Essentials of Biblical Greek and Hebrew William D. Mounce Lee M. Fields

How to Read the Bible Pack, Second Edition

Includes How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth and Five Companion Books Gordon D. Fee Douglas Stuart Christopher J. H. Wright Mark L. Strauss Michael Williams Leland Ryken

Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology

A Book by Book Guide to Archaeological Discoveries Related to the Bible J. Randall Price H. Wayne House

Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

Ken Ham Hugh Ross Deborah Haarsma Stephen C. Meyer James Stump Stanley N. Gundry

Basics of Hebrew Discourse

A Guide to Working with Hebrew Narrative and Poetry Matthew Patton Fred Putnam Miles V. Van Pelt


Rodney Reeves Tremper Longman III Scot McKnight

A Theology of Luke and Acts, A Video Study

23 Lessons on Major Theological Themes Darrell L. Bock

Devotions on the Greek New Testament, Volume Two

52 Reflections to Inspire and Instruct Paul Norman Jackson

Four Views on the Church’s Mission

Jonathan Leeman Christopher J. H. Wright John R. Franke Peter J. Leithart Jason S. Sexton Stanley N. Gundry

Basics of Classical Syriac Pack

Includes Grammar with Integrated Workbook and Lexicon and DVD Video Lectures Steven C. Hallam

Zondervan Handbook to the Bible

Fifth Edition David and Pat Alexander


Ryan O'Dowd Tremper Longman III Scot McKnight

Mere Sexuality

Rediscovering the Christian Vision of Sexuality Todd A. Wilson

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation Pack

A Complete Guide to Interpreting the Bible William W. Klein Craig L. Blomberg Robert L. Hubbard, Jr.

Greek for the Rest of Us Pack

The Essentials of Biblical Greek William D. Mounce