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Christ and the Created Order

Perspectives from Theology, Philosophy, and Science Andew B. Torrance Thomas H. McCall

Creation Care

A Biblical Theology of the Natural World Douglas J. Moo Jonathan Moo Jonathan Lunde

Five Views on the Extent of the Atonement

Michael Horton Fred Sanders Matthew Levering The Very Revd Archpriest Andrew Louth Tom Greggs Adam J. Johnson Stanley N. Gundry

ReSourcing Theological Anthropology

A Constructive Account of Humanity in the Light of Christ Marc Cortez

Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics: The Los Angeles Theology Conference Collection, 2013-2017

Five-Volume Set Oliver D. Crisp Fred Sanders

Retrieving Eternal Generation

Fred Sanders Scott R. Swain

The Task of Dogmatics

Explorations in Theological Method Oliver D. Crisp Fred Sanders

A Theology of Luke and Acts, A Video Study

23 Lessons on Major Theological Themes Darrell L. Bock


Michael Allen Scott R. Swain

Mere Sexuality

Rediscovering the Christian Vision of Sexuality Todd A. Wilson

Gender Roles and the People of God

Rethinking What We Were Taught about Men and Women in the Church Alice Mathews

The Triune God, A Video Study

9 Lessons on the Biblical Revelation and Its Doctrinal Implications Fred Sanders

Theology of James, Peter, and Jude, A Video Study

13 Lessons on Key Issues and Themes Peter H. Davids

The Five Solas Series Pack

Thomas R. Schreiner David VanDrunen Matthew Barrett Stephen Wellum Carl R. Trueman Matthew Barrett

Dictionary of Christianity and Science

The Definitive Reference for the Intersection of Christian Faith and Contemporary Science Paul Copan Tremper Longman III Christopher L. Reese Michael Strauss

Know Why You Believe

K. Scott Oliphint Justin Holcomb

Rediscovering the Holy Spirit

God’s Perfecting Presence in Creation, Redemption, and Everyday Life Michael Horton

Grace Alone—-Salvation as a Gift of God

What the Reformers Taught...and Why It Still Matters Carl R. Trueman Matthew Barrett R. Kent Hughes

Christ Alone—-The Uniqueness of Jesus as Savior

What the Reformers Taught...and Why It Still Matters Stephen Wellum Matthew Barrett Michael Reeves

Practicing the Power

Welcoming the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Your Life Sam Storms Matt Chandler

The Triune God

Fred Sanders Michael Allen Scott R. Swain

Scot McKnight Collection

Includes The Blue Parakeet, The Fellowship of Differents, King Jesus Gospel, and One.Life Scot McKnight

God’s Word Alone—-The Authority of Scripture

What the Reformers Taught...and Why It Still Matters Matthew Barrett R. Albert Mohler Jr.

The Unfinished Reformation

What Unites and Divides Catholics and Protestants After 500 Years Gregg Allison Christopher A. Castaldo