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Saving Truth Study Guide

Finding Meaning and Clarity in a Post-Truth World
Abdu Murray
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Increasingly, Western culture embraces confusion as a virtue and decries certainty as a sin. Those who are confused about sexuality and identity are viewed as heroes. Those who are confused about morality are progressive pioneers. Those who are confused about spirituality are praised as tolerant. Conversely, those who express certainty about such issues are seen as bigoted, oppressive, arrogant, or intolerant.

In eight lessons coordinated to be used alongside the Saving Truth Video Study, Abdu Murray seeks to awaken Westerners to the plight we find ourselves in, challenges Christians to consider how they have played a part in fostering a culture of confusion, and provides arguments from a Christian perspective for the foundations of truth applied to sexuality, identity, morality, and spirituality.

Ultimately, the Saving Truth Study Guide will equip readers to engage the culture of confusion with the clarity that Christ offers.

About the Author

Abdu Murray (JD, Universidad de Michigan) es vicepresidente sénior de RZIM y ponente habitual en iglesias, campus universitarios y reuniones empresariales y gubernamentales. Es abogado litigante, autor, orador internacional y presentador del podcast The Defense Rests. Académico residente en el Instituto Josh McDowell de la Universidad Wesleyana de Oklahoma, es autor de muchos artículos y tres libros, incluida Grand Central Question y su último, Salvando la verdad: encontrando significado y claridad en un mundo posterior a la verdad.

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  • Page Count: 160
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310092629
  • Release: December 4, 2018